Me on a Diet

When I was learning the alphabet my grandmother used to sing the song with. Whenever I got to “u” I’d say “me.” TmeV and Nana corrected me.

Nana: No, Howling Hill. u.

Me: yes, me.

Nana: no, u.

Me (annoyed and confused): ME!

Nana: No, not “you”; “u” Repeat after me: TUV

Me: TmeV.

Nana: *sigh*

Obviously it took a while for me to get that “u” didn’t mean “you” nor “me” it meant “u.”

Lara of Red, Red, Whine sent me the book You: On a Diet: The Owners Manual to Waist Management. I’ve yet to open it because, well, I’m loathe to read diet books.

My take on dieting is this: cut the artificial crap, eat full fat everything, don’t overeat and only eat when hungry. And get some exercise. Now I’m really good at telling this to others but not so much about listening to my own advice. But since the title has “You” in it I know it means me. So I’m going to give it a try.

Lara put an adorable card in the package which said something akin to “I read the first ten pages so I can’t attest to its reliability” so I’ll be going at this blindly. When I’m done with it does anyone want it? I promised Lara I’d ship to whoever requests it to keep the love going.

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2 Responses to Me on a Diet

  1. Meadowlark says:

    I am also a part of the eat intelligently crowd. I eat bacon and I eat cheese and I drink wine. Why? Because I love it! And I work out moderately and try to get mostly whole grains and plenty of veggies, but if I’m sacrificing the good stuff (read: bacon and cheese and wine) what would be the point of life?

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Meadowlark: I skimmed the book and the authors bascially say don’t eat HFCS, avoid processed food, and get some exercise. Yea, I knew that.

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