10 Things I Love Vol. 8

Once again, I bring you the weekly installment of “10 Things I Love.”

  1. I love getting packages in the mail. So send me stuff =)
  2. I love Tom Petty’s music. It’s funny cuz I wasn’t a big fan of him when I was younger but now that I’m old I really relate to his lyrics. And his music just pushes me.
  3. I love living in an area teaming with wildlife. To know there’s moose, deer, bear, and coyotes outside my door induces a deep longing in me to throw off the conventions of modern society and become a woodswoman.
  4. I love editing.
  5. I love reading other people’s blogs. I just I had all the time in the world so I could read all the blogs out there. So many blogs so little time…
  6. I love how Wolf meets me outside when I come home. Lately he’s been meeting me at the door which is almost as good. Still, it’s awesome to see his face light up when I come home.
  7. I love Facebook. I spend way, way too much time on it. It’s a mild addiction.
  8. I love being an active part of my community.
  9. I love fog. It’s so spiritual, mystical and magical.
  10. I love George Clooney and Brad Pit movies. Generally I don’t like the big name actor/esses but those to do make a great acting team.
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