Burn After Reading

Wolf and I went to see Burn After Reading. Aside from the violence for violence sake it was really, really good. We, along with everyone in the theater laughed our asses off. The chair scene makes the movie. I wish Wolf would make me a chair like that.

As a general rule I like Clooney/Pitt movies. I find them both very good comedic actors who know when to camp it up and when to turn the drama on. And McDormand is also one of my favorites. Ever since I saw her in Fargo I’ve had a girl crush on her.

The movie itself does a little too much cross connecting and, like I said above, the violence is gratuitous, but otherwise the plot is well written, it’s well acted, and it’s all kinda dry in it’s humor which I love. It’s about two people McDormand and Pitt, who try to blackmail Malkovitch, and fail. The Coen brothers fall into the over connecting trap but in this particular case it’s ok.

Over all, I give the movie a 6. If you want to get out of the house go see it as a matinee otherwise wait for it to come out on video.

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