Doing Not Thinking Vol 7

This weeks Doing Not Thinking Challenge brought to you by the letter R for Rain.

Monday I walked with a couple short bursts of running. Normally what I do is run the first half of my “track” then walk the second half. The first half is all downhill and uphill the second half (as you’d expect) so Monday I switched it up and walked the first half and ran the second half. Or rather, about 1/16th. Yea, the uphill part: not so easy.

And that’s all I did this week. Tuesday through Friday it rained and I don’t run in the rain so I stayed in.

My paycheck from the Fire Department came in. While it’s not a lot I think I should be able to take it and join a gym. I really need to get some of this weight off and increase my strength if I plan on working as an EMT again.

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