D Acres

Yesterday was the monthly Reiki Share at D Acres (blog). Now, I know I’ve talked about D Acres a bunch of times but I’ve never shown you what the place looks like.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
The gate so to speak.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
The main building. Reiki and yoga are in the room at the top with the doors open. They also have movie night there on Friday nights.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
A side view.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
A view of some of the gardens and one of the greenhouses.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
The other side of the greenhouse

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Cold frame. There are a lot of these dotting the property. I love the reuse of sliding doors!

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Solar dehydrator

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
The other side of the dehydrator

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
While I’m pretty good at moderation, balance is something I need to work at.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Pig house.

I poked my head in to say hello to the pig living there but she was sleeping. She opened an eye and gave me a few warning grunts so I left her be.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Backside of the house and some flower gardens.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Little piggies.

I have to say piggies are adorable but pigs are not. I’m not sure when they lose their adorableness to me but it’s sometime in adolescence around the time they become adults.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Sunflower and bee.

Not too many sunflowers and bees around anymore. While we haven’t had a frost yet, it’s coming really, really soon. The nights are very cool, almost cold and the days aren’t warm either. This time of year there are lots of clouds so Sun’s warmth doesn’t come though much.

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008

Greens don’t seem to mind the chilly weather though!

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
More greens

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Even more greens

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Cob oven

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008
Water reclamation

D Acres, Dorchester, NH October 5, 2008

I planted cabbage last year and while it did fine I had a spider problem so I didn’t plant any this year. Suggestions?

The pictures I uploaded here show only a fraction of D Acres. If you get the chance to visit, I insist you do!

As you know, I was feeling pretty down last week. Going to D Acres really snapped me out of it. Reiki opened me up a bit (though my heart chakra needs some work) and communicating with people whom I don’t have to hide myself around really settled some of the loneliness and isolation I’ve been feeling. Like I said in this post I tend to isolate myself thinking it’s the cure all.

D Acres is now having a circle dance on Saturday nights and I think I’m going to start attending though, unfortunately, I can’t attend until November. The night it’s planned for October I have a commitment already. You see, Saturdays have turned into one of the worst days for me. Wolf works his second job on Saturdays and is gone from 7a to 9p. The silence in the house is deafening. I’ve realized no one is going to call on Saturdays and see if I’m around so I just sit here and stare at the walls all day. At least when Wolf is at his full-time job I can call and talk to him for a few minutes but I can’t call when he’s at his second job. The day just drags on and on and as the darkness comes (earlier and earlier) my loneliness awakens and is fed by the silence and isolation. He shouldn’t quit the job for any reason because he need the experience it provides (though the money is nice, it’s not a lot by any means) so I don’t want him to read this and think “I should quit” — the loneliness is my problem I have to solve. The lesson to be learned is this: watch what you wish for. When I was a kid and in my teens and early 20s, I used to wish all the time people would “just leave me alone.” The universe answered my prayers because now I’m left alone all the time. And while I don’t mind being alone I don’t like it all the time.

I’ve been looking for things to occupy my time involving people but find the whole tight budget thing to be a major obstacle. We’re so strapped for cash I can’t be gallivanting all over Mother Earth spending money on gas and other stuff so I’m at a loss as to what to do. D Acres is an hour away so going there all the time isn’t the answer.

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6 Responses to D Acres

  1. Taylor says:

    That place looks amazing! I’m sorry you can’t spend more time there. Is there someone who lives around you that you could carpool with? That would help you with company AND getting there.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Taylor: It is an amazing place! I know you’re down in Mass. Take a look at their events to see if there is something you’d like to attend. It will take about 3 hours from where you are to Dorchester. Believe me when I say it’s well worth the trip!

    I’ve explored the carpooling option and found it wasn’t an option. I tend to be the one who drives the furthest to attend their events. Most who do routinely attend live in towns which surround D Acres such as Rumney, Plymouth, Groton, etc.

  3. alliesanswers says:

    It does look amazing! It’s too bad it isn’t closer! But it’s nice that you can still make a trip there from time to time.

  4. Turtleheart says:

    Fantastic place! The main building is beautiful. I love their cold frames. I’ve been trying to get Firehand to build me a cold frame and re-use the plexi-glass from our old iguana cage, I think it would be the perfect size.

    7A-9P is a loooooong time to be alone. Firehand often works until 7P and doesn’t get home until almost 8P. I do okay until dinner time, then I start missing him…

  5. These photo’s came out great! I visit D’acres quite often and can’t tell you what a great place it is to learn about all things to become self sufficient. The grounds, as you can see are beautiful, the people are awesome and the workshops and classes are a must if you visit. The plant walks and community activities are fun and you really learn a lot.
    I started my own gardens and growing almost all of my own food based on a relationship with the folks at D’acres and could not have done it without them.
    I highly recommend a visit if you can swing it!

  6. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: It is an amazing place! I know you like to bike and hike. D Acres offers hostel services. There’s lots of places to bike and hike so please consider a trip out here!

    Turtle: yes, it is! The pictures don’t show the inside which is awesome. Next time I go I’ll try and get some.

    Ten hours is a long time to be alone. Dinner time is me eating something crappy for me while Wolf has a fab meal at his second job. He comes home and tries to eat with me which isn’t good because he is eating when he’s not hungry.

    Michelle: Thanks! How did you find my blog?

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