Doing Not Thinking Vol. 8

Yesterday I did eight hours of ride time in the state’s capital. Believe me when I say I’m so not used to working an eight hour day. It’s been … five years … since I worked eight hours. While being in school is tiring (and so is the two hour commute to and from school) an eight hour day is exhausting.

Working really cemented the idea I need to get some of this weight off. I’ve not been running at all this week  because I decided to take this week off. I spent many days/nights this week doing third ride time so I wanted to give my body a chance to rest since I’m not used to working.

Physically what I’ve been doing hasn’t been difficult. Mostly, to be 100% honest, I’ve been sitting around watching TV. It’s just being out of the house for long periods of time which has exhausted me. I’m assuming this is because I’ve been doing nothing for almost a year now. But now it’s time to get my shit together and start Doing Not Thinking Challenge with some seriousness.

Along this same vein I finally broke down and went to my doctor about my neck. You see, way back in 1993 (when the dinosaurs roamed?) I was in a car accident. I spent about 6 months or so out of work due to a whiplash injury. My neck has never been the same but in the past I’ve been able to cope with it. Now, however, my poor neck has deteriorated to the point where I’ve become “No Neck Jo” and it tightens up so much my head is always cocked to the left side. I’d been seeing a massage therapist when I could get the money together over the last year or so which has helped but both of us realized my neck issues were beyond her ability to fix it she recommend seeing a physical therapist. In order to do that I had to go to my doctor and get a referral which I did last week.

When I was sitting in the office I told my doctor I’d started running but now I was ready to increase my physical training to include weights and other cardio exercises. I explained my two pronged goal: take off forty pounds and increase my upper body strength. Not only do I want to do this for my health but also because as an EMT I need to be able to lift and carry and right now I can’t. While I’m certainly not going to be able to in two months I can well be on the road to do so. Then I explained my neck is AFU and I’m afraid of getting hurt. Since I can’t afford a personal trainer I wanted the PT to write up an exercise plan for me and to work on strengthening and stretching my neck so I can have some sort of normalcy. My doctor agreed to all this. Oddly, though, my doctor didn’t say a word about my weight. As a matter of fact, she’s never, ever said a word about my weight. I don’t know why she’s never brought it up but I wonder if she will now that I have.

So there you have it. Today I go and interview the two area gyms to decide which will be the better option. Really it’s going to depend on the cost. That is, which ever is cheaper will be the one I join.

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5 Responses to Doing Not Thinking Vol. 8

  1. farm mom says:

    It’s now un-PC for docs to talk about weight. I’ve noticed this too. It’s like the elephant in the room… pun intended! ;p

  2. Allie says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying about spending that kind of time away from home being exhausting when you’re not used to it! It is exhausting!

    I’m so impressed with the way you’re taking charge of things and setting goals and moving forward. That’s really exciting!

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Farm mom: I sorta agree with you. While it *used* to be un-pc to talk about one weight, I think times are a’ changing and more focus has been put on weight issues.

    I’ve had my doctor for four years and not once has she brought up my weight. She has never commented on it not even when I was being weighed.

    I had a good hearty laugh about the elephant pun!

    Allie: thanks! Now lets see how I follow through. I’m fab about making plans not so fab about the follow through.

  4. Kyla Bea says:

    Finding time to work out while working is so difficult, I definitely commend you!

    I have back/neck injuries too and running is way too high impact for me, but if you find exercise that works for you and stick with it that’s amazing – swimming might be something to look into, I’ve heard its great cardio and good for rehabbing injuries too.

  5. Howling Hill says:

    Kyla: Thanks for stopping by!

    There are no pools around this area unless I drive 30 miles which is not something I want to do. Also, chlorine is completely unacceptable to me. Skin absorbs and I don’t want mine to absorb chlorine! Maybe next spring I’ll start swimming in one of the ponds in the area. Thanks for the idea!

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