10 Things I Love Vol. 11

This week my annual autumn depression really started to take root in me so keeping positive hasn’t been easy. It’s been a real struggle to be honest. Regardless I am focusing on the love.

  1. I love ritual at Silvewolf.
  2. I love the warm days of autumn when the sky is a brilliant blue and the leaves stay on the trees a little longer to show off their beauty.
  3. I love getting happy mail.
  4. I love watching my “pig fund” grow. Wolf and I are buying a half pig from our neighbors in December. I asked Doreen how much it would be so I’d have a figure to save to. I have more than half thus far.
  5. I love BBC movies based on Anthony Trollope novels. I should probably read the novels though, hu?
  6. I love Facebook as much as I’m embarrassed to admit it.
  7. I love the Haunted Hayride put on in the area. It’s so much fun!
  8. I love playing board games. I just wish they were easier to come by!
  9. I love CSI.
  10. I love My Name is Earl though season three is a little annoying. The writers strike definitely shows. The tenor of the episodes is down. Way down.
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2 Responses to 10 Things I Love Vol. 11

  1. lanniee says:

    What is silvewolfe? I know an author, Raven Silverwolf; well, I know her writings, not her specifically. =P

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