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I’m still on my “no computer” hiatus (because now my neck is AFU. I totally screwed it up yesterday) but I wanted to post this because it’s effing important.

Last night there was a candidate forum in my town. Those running for state representative and senate came out to talk to us voters. I got up and basically laid out my tale of woe about getting laid off and not being able to find another job. While I asked how the candidates were going to lower tution costs so those getting out of college weren’t in debt to their ears without the possiblity of a job, the reality was my comment was about the state of the economy.*

Each of those running for rep or senate said the same thing to me: if you’re unemployed and can’t find a job, call your state rep or senator. They have contacts you don’t. Give them your resume and they’ll help disseminate it appropriately. Each seemed really sincere about this, and how it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same politics as your elected representative. The point of their job is to work for YOU not you to work for them. If they can’t get you a job they can point you in the right direction.

After you call your rep/senator call you state’s Department of Labor. Then call you US Rep/Senator. Ladies (and the two gents who read this) we’re not using our elected officials appropriately. They work for US. US! So make them work for their money!

After the forum was over, I had five, FIVE, come up to me, give me cards or asked me to call them. Each asked for my resume. They all seemed like they wanted to get me employed. So that’s what I did first thing this morning: I sent out my resume to a couple of them and when I get back from PT I’ll be making a few phone calls. Pray to your favorite deity this gets me a job.

*In 2006 when the same forum was held, albeit different candidates, the war was The Topic. This time it didn’t come up.

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4 Responses to Job Resource

  1. morgannadimone says:

    WOW- I have NEVER even heard of this before! Thanks for the info!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    You’re welcome! How did you find Howling Hill?

  3. Noelle says:

    That’s pretty cool, and good background information to have if this job doesn’t work out.

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