Good Days and Bad Days

Regarding my neck I’m having good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day. Very bad. After PT I came home took a pain pill and slept for about three hours. I was in pain *before* I went to PT and the routine he has me going through didn’t help at all.

I’ve come to identify some of the things which make my neck sore, stiff, and inflexible: my computer. Here at Howling Hill there is no such thing as ergonomic. My desk and chair aren’t set up appropriate and doing do won’t happen because neither are designed that way. Getting ergonomic office furniture is not happening in this lifetime unless Wolf starts playing the lottery and wins.

Another piece of problem furniture is the couch. It’s probably a decade old and has no support left in it. Again, getting new furniture is just completely out of the question. I find myself sitting on the floor a lot just to give my neck a break from the lack of support.

I continue with the exercises and stretching and while the two certainly help, the biggest help is staying off this damned computer. I’ll not be able to eliminate because my life revolves around it too much but I will be cutting down on the amount of time I spend on it. This means of course, I’ll not be posting as often.

Now, now, don’t cry. I’ll be posting just not everyday! I’m not completely abandoning you!

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One Response to Good Days and Bad Days

  1. Noelle says:

    Reading this made my neck hurt a little, so now I’m all slouched on my chair. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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