Winter Preparations

Wolf and I are preparing for winter today. Well, he is and I’m blogging. Now don’t think I’m lazy, think of it as marital harmony. He gets all frustrated and annoyed when he’s doing “work around the house” work so I just steer clear of him so I don’t have to dodge f-bombs every other second.

Anyways, today he’s putting the plow onto Bessie. Course, Bessie wouldn’t start so he has to charge the battery. We really should make it a rule to start her at least once a week. While the battery is charging he’s been putting plastic up on the windows. I loathe having plastic on the windows — I feel like David Vetter — but I realize it’s necessary to do so to try and keep some of the heat in the trailer (which is a sieve really). I also think Wolf’s trying to fix the vent over the stove which leaks every time it rains.

Another thing we have to do is get curtain rods. Michelle gave us some heavy drapes which she used over her sliding door. She got new ones so she gave us her old ones. We’ll put the drapes over the front and back doors to keep in the heat as best we can. I will probably push the drapes aside during the day because the darkness will drive me to drink (there is no way I could live in the north or south poles where it’s dark for six months. I’d kill someone or myself) which means I have to find another way to cover the windows besides the plastic. Actually, I have some templates to make window quilts but I don’t know how to use my sewing machine. I need someone to teach me. Some close by.

harley-and-first-snow-of-the-winter-november-2008 All this work is good because we have snow. Not a lot by any means but flakes have floated down from the sky a couple times. When we got home from Massachusetts after eating our weight in turkey there was a dusting on the ground which is still there. The first snow we got was on the 17th. You can see Harley’s not particularly happy with the white stuff. Yea, I know you can’t see his face but you can see he doesn’t want his paws touching it!

Speaking of the cats, the two of them have become much more cuddly, especially Francesca. That’s the number one indication of winter: cuddly cats who can’t seem to get enough of your body heat!

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