Then and Now

For those of you who read Women Not Dabbling In Normal you may have noticed the picture on the top changing. I volunteered to take charge of that particular aspect of the blog.

Until I get some pictures from the other authoresses, I’ve been putting pictures of the Franklin Falls Dam up. It’s about 10 miles south of Howling Hill so I pass it all the time. It’s a view I can never get sick of.

Sometimes I forget just how colorful New England really is, how much the landscape changes from season to season. But passing the dam every day reminds me New England is dynamic in its colors and textures.

franklin-falls-dam-53007Here is the damn from the road in May of 2007. Notice how green the area is! The lushness of the scenery in May is just so…lush. I want to roll around in the green grass. I want to run with a dog through the tall grass in August.

franklin-falls-dam-oct-17-2008 Come October the dam is bright with color. This year in particular the colors were more brilliant than I can ever remember them. It was as if the trees put on their finest Sunday clothes for us puny humans to marvel at.

You’ll note some of the trees closest to the camera lens aren’t there in the second picture. That’s because the feds came along and cut them down. It kinda bummed me out but then made it easier for me to take pictures so…


I took this picture today on my way down to the state capital. There’s still lots of brown, green, and blue but nothing like the spring and fall colors. It’ll get whiter as winter progresses. I’ll continue to post pictures of this gorgeous view!

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