I’m watching turkeys in my yard, right outside my window as I type. Harley is chipping thinking he sounds like a bird. Big tall, fat turkeys. What do they eat in the winter? The ground is frozen so it’s not like they’re getting any bugs.

turkey-prints-12808I didn’t get a picture of the turkeys themselves because of the plastic on the windows.

I love living out here. I really, really do! Sometimes the solitude can be too much but for the most part I love it here. Certainly I can’t imagine moving anywhere else.*

Last night we had about an inch of snow and now it’s cold as ice out there. I don’t think it’s gotten over 20, if that. Winter is here, winter is here.

* Well, maybe Ireland, Tristan da Cunha, or some (cheap) Caribbean Island. Somewhere warmer than here but not too hot and not too wet. I’m not a fan of too much rain though I do like green climates.

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