Found Money

Many of my readers are also reader of Women Not Dabbling in Normal and of Homesteading Neophyte so you already know of Phelan’s financial conundrum. What I do want to say is the goal has been reached. I want to thank everyone for their generosity. I know I’m not the recipient of it but it makes me happy to know there are good people out there; it makes feel all squishy inside.

You all know Wolf and I are not in the best financial place either. With me out of work for almost a year now (it’ll be a year January 8) we’ve cut in every place we possibly can. Right now it’s just a matter of passing the practical exam on Saturday before I can start to apply for EMT jobs. The money won’t be grand but it’ll be more than what I’m making now which is zip, zero, zilch.

I wanted to donate to Phelan because I believe wholeheartedly in the idea what goes around comes around. Maybe someday Wolf and I will be in the same position Phelan is in and need the assistance of our community. I wanted to pay it forward so to speak so I logged into my PayPal account. I’m not too familiar with PayPal, I find it kinda a PITA to be honest so I tend to avoid it whenever possible but I logged in anyways. And there was $22 and some change in the account. I don’t remember the last time I used my PayPal account so I have no idea where this money came from. But there it was. Now, my plan was to transfer $15 from my “Amazon account”* to Phelan but when I found the $22 and change I used that instead of the money from my Amazon account (which holds $30). Since I didn’t know where the PayPal money came from I didn’t use it all, just $15. Certainly I wanted to pay off Phelan’s mortgage but since I can’t pay my own I certainly can’t pay hers. $15 was the most I felt comfortable giving and so that’s what I gave.

And that’s when I realized I was already a recipient of what comes around goes around. Here I was helping a friend and the universe allowed me to with found money. There’s a few dollars left in that account which I’ll leave there for good luck.

I’m pleased to report Phelan won’t lose her homestead, she’ll keep it a bit longer. And I’m pleased to know there are, in fact, good people on this planet.

*The “Amazon account” was set up when I was in school to buy books. I bought the majority of my books used on Amazon. Because Amazon makes each transaction a seperate transaction it was playing havoc with the checking account. I opened another checking account to purchase books with so it wouldn’t eff up our primary checking account. Despite being out of school we kept the account open and put some money into it occasionally to buy books, DVDs, CDs, etc online. Since being out of school I don’t think it’s had more than $30 in it.

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3 Responses to Found Money

  1. Cassandra says:

    I know! I had planned on paying all my bills this weekend, as I usually do, and sending what I could out of what was left. Then I read Phelan’s blog THE NEXT DAY and was absolutely STUNNED by the money donated in such a short time.

    I was awed and humbled by this demonstration of love and generosity. Is the goal really reached, already? I feel almost like I robbed myself of the opportunity to participate by being slow to act. Is it too late? :(

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Cassandra: I too was humbled. Yes, the goal has already been met. You may still be able to donate. Let me look into it.

  3. farm mom says:

    I’m with you Cassandra. I’m currently locked out of my bank acct because someone found/took Eric’s debit card and decided to go phishing. Won’t have access again until next week! I was very pleasantly suprised by how quickly everyone rallied for her. It just goes to show how loved she is.

    And that is a very cool story HH. There is nothing in the world like found money!

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