Shoes for Bu$h

Monday, January 19th, WASHINGTON DC: The Kennebunk Peace Department is organizing “Shoes for President Bush,” in Washington DC on Monday, January 19th, which is President Bush’s last day in office. Activists from across the country will be coming to DC for the inaugural and on the day before the event they will bring shoes to throw at the gates of the White House as a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the innocent Iraqi people whose lives have been torn apart from the war. ” In the Middle East throwing a shoe is a big insult, and we stand in solidarity with the journalist in Baghdad who was speaking for the people of Iraq, who are deeply insulted that President Bush would visit their war torn country and pretend that life is now better for the Iraqi people. If you could speak to one of the unembedded journalists, you would realize that innocent people are killed every day, people are not free of fear when they go outside of their houses, many of which are still in ruins, the country’s economy is in shambles and there is still not reliable electricity or water, is this what victory looks like? President Bush seemed clueless when he told a reporter that he did not know what the journalist’s beef was. Fortunately this presidency is coming to an end soon, says a spokeswoman for The Kennebunk Peace Department.

Please collect old shoes to deliver them to the White House. The Kennebunk Peace Department is also organizing a car caravan to Washington DC, leaving on January 17th. To contact Jamilla email her at: jamillaelshafei (at) gmail (dot) com

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