Shaving My Head

shavedTaken in 2004 at the March for Women’s Lives. At that time my hair was short and blond. Since this picture was taken my hair has grown significantly. It’s about halfway down my back — between my shoulders and bra strap — and is its natural brown. I don’t sh4ve this much off anymore, I let a lot of it grow back in. This picture shows I sh4ved about 1/2 my head now I sh4ve about 1/3.

Meadowlark wants me to explain why I sh4ve my head. Here’s the story.

Way back in the 90s, I got really, really drunk and allowed my friend Maureen to cut my waist length hair to my shoulders. I was planning on getting it cut but needed to be intensely intoxicated to work up the nerve to do so. I was 21ish.

I wanted to grow it long again but I couldn’t stand it in the summer. Although my hair is thin, there’s a lot of it. And I mean A LOT. Candy, my childhood hairdresser used to say “So much hair so such a small face.” The hair which grows near the n4pe of my neck is very different from the hair on top. It’s thick and a bit coarse. The hair on top is straight and long, shiny and slippery. It’s you’re typical European-American hair, or what I think of as “white” hair. There’s no bounce, no texture — well, like I said slippery — it doesn’t hold a curl unless I use four cans of Aquanet. My hair is pretty it just doesn’t do anything but hang. I’ve tried to perm it and curl it and all other stuff but it doesn’t stay permed or curled. After about an hour my hair just pulls itself straight and I’ve wasted $100 on a perm or 4 hours trying to get it to curl.

Anyways fast forward 7 years. My hair was a bit past my shoulders which was the longest it’d been since I cut it. This is when Wolf and I started dating. I kept it at that length until 9/11 when I went to NYC (I didn’t see anything so don’t ask) when I had it cut to a “boys regular” as my neighbor Rick called it. I did this because I hadn’t washed it in over a week and that’s when I was a shampoo and conditioner girl so my hair was gross. I couldn’t comb it because it was so full of tangles I just said “fuck it” and had them cut it off.

Wolf hated it. I mean *hated* it. He begged me to let it grow again. I agreed so long as he sh4ved the back of my head where the coarse hair grows in because, come summer, I wouldn’t be able to take the length. I get too hot so I run to the hairdresser to have her cut all my hair off.

So what it really comes down to is a marital compromise. Wolf asked me to grow my hair long — which I kinda wanted to do anyways — and I wanted to be cool in the summer. By sh4ving the back off I don’t die of heat stroke every summer and it gets us in the shower together at least once a week =). Because of the length of my hair you can’t tell I sh4ve it unless I have it up.

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4 Responses to Shaving My Head

  1. Meadowlark says:

    Actually, that was fascinating!!!!

    When I was at Chemical Warfare school for three months, I got tired of the hair thing and went to the regular military barber and he cut my hair for me. It was just a tad longer than a man’s, since “faddish or unusual hairstyles” was not allowed. Husband didn’t like it very much once I got home. :)

  2. peppylady says:

    Never did the shave thing.
    I guess I was bless that I end up with my dad thick dark hair his was black and mine is dark brown.
    But finding the right length is hard I have narrow face to short or to long makes my face look long.
    So I wear my hair layered and hitting my collar on my tops.

    So much for hair it can be a pain at times.
    Coffee is on.

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Meadow: fascinating? Ok! I like being fascinating!

    It’s amazing how much husbands expect us to look like girls, hu? It’s not like my personality changed or anything when I cut my hair.

    Peppy: I’ve always wanted to shave my whole head but I’ve never had the courage.

    Finding the right style is something I’ve given up on. Now I wear it long and straight. It’s all the same length. The most I do is put it into braids.

  4. mudnessa says:

    I shave the bottom half of my head too, just like in your picture, have since I was 12, I am now 29. For pretty much the same reason,

    I had short short hair until the age of 10 or so and then decided I wanted to grow my hair out, I went through a few years of trying all sorts of things, layering (BAD), thinning (VERY BAD), and then one day the lady who cut my hair said why don’t we shave the back. Sounded great to me, I love it and I doubt I will ever grow it back.

    I have the hair I have always wanted now, it’s hip length at the moment, that is very hassle free. I love short cuts but my thick wavy course hair is just not made for it. I am also a no ‘poo-er, for about 9 months now. Oh and I made my way over here from Allie’s Answers.

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