Tracks in the Snow

The other day the car croaked (again) so I walked home from the post office the other day. I thought you’d enjoy some pictures of my journey.

Driveway Jan 2009

The Luge also known as The Driveway. It is, by far, the most expensive component of our itty bitty homestead. It costs more to maintain it than anything else. This year Bessie also croaked (our pickup truck) so we have to pay someone plow it. $40 each time Bill comes, and if it needs to be sanded it’s another $40 for Steve to come up.

March is a particularly difficult month regarding the driveway. The days heat up the snow and start to melt it while the nights freeze it because of the cold temps. Also, rain does the driveway in so we have to have it graded routinely.

But it sure does make a pretty picture, hu?

Tracks Jan 2009

There are lots of tracks all over the driveway. I’m not sure if they are feline or canine. I’m not thinking a dog per se so much as a fox. Regardless they are all over the driveway so something’s been walking around a lot. These tracks appear to be heading down the driveway.

Track Jan 2009

These tracks start on one side of the driveway then cross over it and up the bank into the treeline at what could be called our front yard. You can see the tracks veer off to the left.

Tracks Jan 2009

Squirrel tracks. As you’d suspect they are everywhere. I happen to be quite fond of squirrels. I know many people think they are “rats with better coats” but I think they are very resourceful and pretty damned smart.

Eating breakfast Jan 2009

In a post over at Women Not Dabbling in Normal I wrote about Compost Piles. I quote myself “surprisingly I don’t see many critters out there.” As you can see from the above picture, I have this one squirrel which has found the compost pile and every morning around 8ish s/he hops over for breakfast. I assume the vegetable matter isn’t frozen despite the frigid temps we’re having right now because Squirrelly has been eating out of there regularly.

Post breakfast Jan 2009

Post breakfast.

I’m not one to feed wild animals per se. That is, I don’t put out bird feeders or salt licks or anything. Actually I’m pretty opposed to anyone doing so. The reason I believe it’s a bad idea — and I know plenty who disagree with me on this — is because once you start putting food out for animals they become dependent on that constant food source. This can alter migration paths and change mating times. It also allows for some animals to survive in climates they were not meant to. Think of it this way: If I was to put feeders out when I first moved in and consistently maintained these feeders the whole time I lived there then I moved after say 10 years, the animals I was feeding would’ve come to depend on that food source. And not just one set of animals but their offspring and theirs, and theirs and so on. So I move and someone else moves in and doesn’t want to feed the animals and considers them a nuisance. Then what? Because I don’t want to cause harm I just don’t feed any of the wildlife in my yard aside from my compost pile. Yea, I know my arguement isn’t well written.

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6 Responses to Tracks in the Snow

  1. It’s amazing how pretty the driveway looks (especially from my perspective ’cause I do not have to try & get my car up it regularly!)

    A quick tracking tidbit – the best way to tell feline from canine is take a good look at the toes. Cats have retractable claws; canines don’t. Fox/dog/coyote etc should have nail markings if you can find a nice clear track…

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Silverwolf: you said it! The driveway is so deceiving. We never would’ve bought this place if we’d seen it in the winter. But we were fools and didn’t think of the winter when we looked at it in August.

    Thanks for the tracking tidbit. I’ll try and see if the pictures recorded that. The tracks are gone because of the dusting we got last night.

  3. peppylady says:

    I was going to say the snow does look beautiful but we still have a foot here in North Idaho but I’ve been able to start to take my walks again.

    I know about break-up time and the roads around here and if money was no problem I would go on a trip out of here.
    I get tired of the mud.

    Sorry to hear about your car and how did wolf go back to work?

    Coffee is on.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    We have at least a foot also. In this bitter cold it’s not going to melt. Grrr.

    Wolf got to work with my car.

  5. Allie says:

    That’s driveway is GORGEOUS! I would love to life “out there” like that.

  6. Howling Hill says:

    Thanks Allie. You’re welcome to come visit anytime you want. And to plow it to your heart’s content. =)

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