Alone on a Desert Island

For my birthday Agnes gave me a gift certificate to Amazon. This is a gift I can count on yearly and one I love. You see, it’s not often I get to buy DVDs and CDs two of my little addictions. When I get a little extra money, or a gift certificate, I go house and buy all kinds of used shows, music, and books. Always, always used as it makes me feel better.*

So I bought a bunch of CDs off my wish list which, I shit you not, is 10 pages long. I love all kinds of music: jazz, indie, country, rock, amongst others. And once I like a band I tend to buy all their albums because one of my neuroses is having complete sets. I hate it when I don’t have one album or one book by an author. I struggle with this all the time because I don’t want to horde and collect just to collect but the impulse is really difficult to control sometimes. I make it a rule if I don’t like at least 50% of the songs on a CD I sell it or give it away if I can’t sell it.

The artists I picked up this time around were India Arie, Death Cab for Cutie (stupidist band name I have heard in a long, long time), A3, Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Train, Jill Scott, and Fiona Apple. Not all of them have come in but some have including A3, India Arie, Death Cab for Cutie, and Brad Paisley. I have to say Narrow Stair by Death Cab for Cutie has become one of those albums I want with me if I’m stranded on a desert island (along with a CD on how to survive on a desert island).

I’m not going to write a review of the album because I never find reviews helpful but I will say this has become one of my favorist albums of all time in the week I’ve owned it. Yea, it’s that good.

*I could never do the “buy nothing” challenge. So rarely do I have any extra cash so I don’t buy much to begin with but when I do have a little extra it’s always media I spend it on.

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