Spring Fever

It’s starting. Every year around this time the spring fever starts for me. I beginning to feel spring can’t get here fast enough.

Go away damn snow and ice! Go away cold temps. Come Sun. Come Warm. Come Mother Earth!

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6 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Jennifer H says:

    I second that! :) It is supposed to bein the 60’s here tomorrow…I am SOOOO looking forward to it!

  2. peppylady says:

    It sunny here today and the weather come west to east. So in a few days the sun will be shinning down on you.

    Coffee is on.

  3. AnnaMarie says:

    I hear you on this one. I want to have a garage sale so bad (that’s the beginning of spring for me) but I don’t want the liability of slip/sliding all over my porch *lol*

    It’s snowing here again. Or is that still?

  4. Judy says:

    I am so with you on this one! We are supposed to get up to 38 degrees tomorrow!!! Wow! I think that ‘s the first time this year it has been above freezing.
    I can’t wait for spring!!

  5. City Mouse says:

    I completely agree – I get that feeling at just about this same time every year. Happy to have found your blog through Homesteading Webloggers! I’ll be sure to bookmark so I can come back often … especially since a mobile home on one acre is just about exactly what we’re working on now.

  6. Howling Hill says:

    Today was such a beautiful day: bright skies, warm sun. Made me want spring in the worst way!

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