Seed Swap Update

I promise to update this post in the morning with more precise links and whatnot. I’m a little tired tonight after working all day (yes, I know I shouldn’t whine. Really I’m not, I’m just stating a fact) so I don’t have the attention span to search through archives, lists, and whatnot.

I also want to apologize for not keeping up with the seed swap. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me to do so. Just tonight I decided to write the post and realized I couldn’t write it as well as I want (and what my readers have come to expect!) because I’d been lax in keeping track. Tomorrow I’ll clean up this post.



For those following the seed swap, Becca from BrightHaven now has the seeds. She received them from Grace from Give Me Grace. Grace got them from Robbyn over at The Back Forty who is also my Women Not Dabbling in Normal writing buddy. Robbyn received the seeds from …. someone, I forget whom. Bad me.

Anyways, Becca will be sending the seeds to another person hopefully this week.

Following the seeds has been fun. I like knowing what’s in the envelope and watching it move across the country.

When you get the seeds please be sure to link to HH saying you got the seeds so I get the trackback. Tell us what you chose and what you put in. Let us know who the next recipient is and let them know by linking to their blog.

Ok, here’s the updated version of this post. I’ll also post it to Women Not Dabbling when it’s my turn to write again.

The seeds started out here on Howling Hill. Honestly I don’t remember what I put in (stupid me didn’t keep a list) but I know some of what I put in because Taylor reported she took

1 complete packet of Dill
1 complete bag of Cannelinni beans
And then about 20 seeeds each of:
Kandy King Corn
Black Turtle Beans

All of which I remember putting in. Taylor sent out the seeds around November 17, 2008 or so. In the package she put

A big bag of Egyptian (Walking) Onions
White Cleome (what I call “firecracker flowers” I don’t know the real common name)
An almost full packet of Yellow Crookneck Squash
An almost full packet of Long Island Brussels Sprouts

The seeds then went to Allie. She chose

Black Turtle Dry Beans
Long Island Brussel Sprouts
Blue Hubbard Squash
Gold King Carrots

And put in

Sage – Great in soups. Grows like a shrub.
Lemon Cucumbers – I didn’t have luck growing these. I’m not good with starting seeds indoors.
Mustard Greens – Great in salads or as a spinach-type side dish.
Long Red Slim Peppers – Very spicy, good for drying.
Double Pink Poppies – My neighbor gave me these, they look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Allie then sent the seeds to Rebecca around December 5th, 2008. Rebecca doesn’t have a blog so she sent me an email telling me what she chose, what she put in, and where the package went.

From New York where Rebecca and Allie live the seeds went south for the winter to Pennsylvania where Tracy lives. Tracy chose the following seeds

10 of the Egyptian Walking Onion sets
20 Detroit Dark Red Beet seeds
a pinch of Pink Double Poppy seeds
10 White Cleome seeds
5 Cabbage Buscaro
2 Yellow Squash
And a pinch of the Mustard Greens.

She added

Yellow Four O’Clock’s
Packette of Roman Chamomile
Asian Tiger Melon
Heirloom Brandywine Tomato seeds
Rose-colored snapdragons
Italian basil
And seeds from pods I let dry on my False Indigo

The seeds went further south to Virginia to Melissa who does not have a blog. She emailed me and told me what she chose which you can see here.

The seeds continued their southern journey to Annette at Ward House. Annette chose

Yellow grape tomatoes
Egyptian onions
White tipped scarlet radish
Brandywine heirloom tomato – victory sold out of these early

And contributed with

Cinderella pumpkin – so pretty!
Sweet meat squash – saw these on a blog (cannot remember on which one)
Blue lake beans (plant these every year – amazing producer)
Large purple kidney bean
Spaghetti squash – my kids fav!

Annette: definitely let me know how the yellow grape tomatoes do. I think those are the seeds I put in. If so they were the first thing I ever seeded so I’m anxious for a report on them.

Robbyn from Homesteading the Back Forty got the seeds on January 23, more popularly known as my birthday. (Wait, shouldn’t I be the one to receive gifts on my birthday ;). She chose

Cinderella pumpkin
Egyptian walking onion

And put in

Winged beans (from ECHO)
Seminole pumpkin mix (ECHO)
And my own tamarind seeds.

It seems to me she also made some seed packets. Let me know if any of her wonderful art is in the package when you get it!

Shortly after my birthday Robbyn sent the seeds to Grace at Give Me Grace. Grace chose

Moringa Tree seeds
Winged beans
Asian tiger melon
Spaghetti squash
One sweet meat squash seed

Grace put in

Brussels Sprouts
Double sun gold sunflowers
Sugar baby watermelon seeds.

The seeds made it back into the mailbox and traveled to Becca at BrightHaven. She has yet to post what she chose and what she put in. Becca will send the seeds north to Michigan where Jenna of Becker Farm will choose what to put in her garden.

Please don’t forget to link here so I can keep track of the seeds. Also, link to the sender of the seeds and whom you are sending them too. This is the only way I can keep track of them.

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2 Responses to Seed Swap Update

  1. Robbyn says:

    Whoa, those are some world-traveler seeds! I probably forgot to put this on the list, but the moringa seeds from ECHO are from me, too :) I put 2 or 3 homemade seed packets in there, but they were my very first and not the best…I’ve played with them since and hey, maybe I’ll have a seed packet giveaway, wooo :) Thanks for posting such detailed lists as the seeds travel…it’s fascinating seeing who gives/takes what!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Isn’t it fun watching them move from homestead to homestead?!?!

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