Hello Snow, Goodbye Sun

For the last couple days Sky has been a brilliant blue and Sun strong and warm. Air is still cold — in the 20s and 30s — but Sun, well he is melting the snow. I actually saw bare Earth in a bunch of places on my way to Gilford yesterday. Alas, tonight we will get another 6 inches of snow along with freezing rain.

Regardless, Winter is breathing his last breaths. Spring is on her way and there is nothing Old Man Winter can do. Young Woman Spring will come and come soon. My hands will be in her dirt planting seeds to be fertilized. Soon I will have a garden with food growing, with insects buzzing and crawling, and warmth on my skin every day. Flowers will be come from beneath the soil, blooming beautiful colors of red, white, yellow, pink, purple, and everything in between.

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4 Responses to Hello Snow, Goodbye Sun

  1. Allie says:

    I know! The snow today can’t do much to get me down, because the end is in sight!

  2. Chan says:

    See everyone banding together to send you warmth and spring and banishing winter is working!! YAY FOR YOU AND YAY FOR SPRING!! :)

  3. peppylady says:

    I keep telling myself that spring is around the corner and all the snow will soon go away.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Allie: yes!!

    Peppy: double yes!!

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