More Snow on the Way

We’re supposed to get another foot of snow tonight. This, of course, will foul up the morning commute. I’d say something akin to “I feel for the commuters” but I’ll be one of them. I’m doing an overtime shift from 5a to 7p tomorrow. It’ll take me over an hour to get to the base without snow so I can only imagine how long it’ll take me to get there with snow. I won’t be volunteering for this shift again that’s for sure!

Despite the threat of snow the last few days have been beautiful. While Air is still cold Sun is warm, hot even. Sun has been melting the snow and ice slowly. Not only do I see this all around I can tell by the emergency calls which go out: snowmobile through the ice. Even if the temp is below zero a bright warm sun will start to melt and crack the ice so BE CAREFUL. And watch your dogs.

Because of the snow I’ve not been able to start any seedlings. I made the same mistake this year as I did last year when it comes to seedlings: I forgot to put some dirt into a bucket. The reason I wanted to do this is so I could bring the bucket in from the shed and thaw out the dirt so I’d have some for seed trays; the bonehead that I am I forgot to before it all froze at the beginning of the winter. I think most of the seeds are going to be direct sow which is something I’d rather not do as it puts the growing time back. But due to a lack of soil and cats who eat my seedlings (bastards!) I think that’s the way it’s going to have to go.

We got our half pig from the Gitches last week and had our first porkchops last night. Sooooo yummy. We were supposed to have people over for Sunday dinner tonight but because of the snow they canceled. Bummer. We love having people over for dinner.

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4 Responses to More Snow on the Way

  1. peppylady says:

    If your like me your tired of the snow and I sure hope there wrong on the weather report.

    A friendly reminder on the 25th I’ll be doing in the know and the topic is “what are your pipe dream”

    Coffee is on.

  2. Maggie says:

    Blech. I was less than pleased when I woke up to yet another foot of snow…
    But on the bright side, less that 14 weeks to last frost. I’ll be starting seeds this weekend (onions, tomatoes, peppers, leeks, etc)Since we have no one renting, I can turn the entire upstairs into a seedling house. (Cat free!)

    Hope your day is not too exciting – with the weather & all.

  3. lizzylanefarm says:

    What did you end up with for snow? Here in Sanbornton on the mountain we got about 16″ of the lovely stuff.

    Spent the day cleaning that up. But boy didn’t it turn into a lovely day.

    I have noticed the past week or so the sun is shining in the windows at a better angle that means the sun is on the rise and this snow is OUT OF HERE SOON ENOUGH!!

    Hope work is going well and you enjoy the travel


  4. Howling Hill says:

    Totally, totally, TOTALLY ready for spring!

    We got about four inches or so. The day was long and tedious as I did an overtime shift in Lebanon and had to leave at 3:30am in the middle of the storm. Ug.

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