Tastes Like Chicken

Last night Wolf and I had rabbit. He cooked it on high in the crockpot for 4.5 hours and it came out really dry. Suggestions?

It was the first time either of us had rabbit — we got it from the Gitches who also sold us our pig. — so we didn’t know what to suspect. For sides we had mashed potato and stuffing, a Sunday dinner of sorts. It was a good dinner but, like I said, it was dry.

The rabbit tasted like chicken. Everyone kept telling me rabbit tasted like chicken but I didn’t really believe the individuals who told me because, well, how can a mammal taste like a fowl? But, you know, they were right. It really did taste like chicken. Even had the same texture. Strange.

It was a little expensive $5/lb so I’m not sure how often we’ll eat rabbit. Wolf and I started talking about getting a couple of breeding pair to raise ourselves but Wolf started to balk at the idea. He’s not sure if he can cull the rabbits. In his words “bunnys are soft and furry and cute. You want to pet them. Besides, the carcass looks like a cat and I don’t think I can eat cat.” Then he started making moon faces at Francesca and Harley.

Anyways, we’ll see about the rabbits. Maybe.

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7 Responses to Tastes Like Chicken

  1. Jennifer H says:

    I have never eaten rabbit, but what I have heard is that they don’t have a lot of fat, which is probably why it was dry. Since I have no experience, I can’t say for sure how to correct it other than to cook it in a stew maybe? They are cute! I think I’d have a hard time culling too (keep in mind I have never culled anything!) But if I was hungry enough….;)LOL

  2. Maggie says:

    Yum! We *love* rabbit. But 4 1/2 hrs on high in a crock pot is too much for that lean little carcass! Glenn does a really nice braised rabbit in a reduced wine sauce… drool. As a random fact – rabbits are so lean and high in protien that if you are stranded in the wild and eat only rabbit for several days you can get protien poisoning!

    Glenn promised to make me a rabbit tractor in the Spring (think chicken tractor with a wire bottom so they don’t dig out.) Wolf can come to visit on slaughter day and see if he is up to it. Rabbits are ridiculously easy; even I can do it! They may be fuzzy and cute, but to me piggies are cute too and it never affected my desire for bacon!

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Jennifer: Yea, that’s what we figured too. I wanted to stew it up but Wolf didn’t want to so we crocked it instead.

    Maggie: Wolf correct me: it was actually on low heat for 4.5 hours. Mind sending along the recipe? I think one of the reasons neither of us was bowled over was because it was a little bland.

    I’ll ask him if he wants to come over. The Gitches’ said he could assist the next time they cull. They use a 22 to shoot it in the head.

  4. Maggie says:

    Using a 22 on a rabbit is a bit excessive! I won’t go into details for the more squeamish, but a quick and well placed thump is painless and immediate, without the bang that terrifies those that are still in the “waiting room!”

    I’ll see if I can find the braised lamb recipe and e-mail it to you!

  5. Howling Hill says:

    Maggie: Actually, if you don’t mind being more detailed either in an email, comment, or on your own blog I’d appreciate it. I loathe the idea of a gun.

  6. lizzylanefarm says:


    Years ago I always cooked rabbit in the crock pot. I would add canned tomatoes, what ever spices and a bit of water and my veggies. Low temp until the inside temp was 160f. 2-3hours?

    Also try roasting in a roasting pan with your veggies placed around like a pot roast. low 350 oven.

    they are very good and easy to raise.


  7. Neighbor Nancy says:

    Our rabbits are for fiber so I’m no help there. However if you are considering raising them. I suggest a breeding trio. A male, two females. Keeps the gene pool a little less swamp. With the right selections your can continue breeding your own stock much longer.
    Just a thought.

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