Today was the first really spring like day for 2009. While previous days have been sunny the air and wind have kept temps down in the low to mid forties. But not today. Today it was sunny, cloudless, and in the 50s. I cannot tell you how excited I am!

On my way to and from the gym I saw all kinds of people outside enjoying the day. Some men have already started cleaning up their yards. I see them raking away leaves left over from last fall enjoying the warm sunshine on their skin.

Yard work won’t happen here on Howling Hill for a while yet. We still have two feet of snow in the yard though it’s getting shorter and shorter every day. Mud season, my friends, has commenced!

Part of the reason for the snow in our yard is the lack of sunlight. Howling Hill is inside a small forest so trees, very tall trees, surround the property and keep it well shaded. Also, while Howling Hill gets southern sun it doesn’t get too much western sun because the sun goes behind a mountain so it’s really the warm air which melts the snow and ice not so much the direct sun.

I very much want to plant my garden but, like I said, it’s under two feet of snow. I can see the outline of the garden beds so I know it won’t be far off. I’m thinking by mid-April I should be putting in the greens I bought (Belle Isle and spinach).

The chickens will be coming soon, I can’t wait. We have to move the chicken coop and fence in part of the yard but in the end it’ll all be worth it to have fresh chicken and fresh eggs.

How’s your yard doing?

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6 Responses to Spring

  1. peppylady says:

    Some place the snow is gone now off of our place. But few minutes ago we had mixture of hail and snow.
    It seem like it taking every in day for true sign of spring to come. Well things to me are looking up the snow left the veggie garden spot.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Maggie says:

    Waahoo! The crocuses near the house are up about an inch. The fields are mostly bare. I can see the garden, free & clear!

    I’m positively wiggling in excitement! Lettuces & raddishes & peas & all manner of cold weather seeds are set aside so as soon as everything thaws they can go in the ground! Woowoo!

  3. Allie says:

    We’ve been snow-free for a bit – although still the occasional flurry in the morning that melts by the afternoon. Of course, a huge snow storm in April is never out of the question here.

  4. lizzylanefarm says:

    We still have snow and mud here. More has melted but there is still plenty of it left. My husband informs me not to get excited we have more snow on the way, we haven’t had our “poor mans fertiliser” yet. That is a spring snow and interestingly enought the rain in the spring is supposed to have more minerals in it…Who knew…

    When are your chickens going to arrive? What did you order?

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend and sunshine.


  5. Howling Hill says:

    The area is well melted but my yard is not. You can see the hint of our garden beds which is making us both very happy.

    Karyn: bite your tongue!

  6. Chan says:

    All my daffodils, crocus and hyacinths died this past Thursday/Friday – we got a blizzard that dropped 10-18 inches of heavy wet snow and broke all of the stems :( It warmed up a bit and the snow melted, then it snowed again today (6 inches) – and we are slated to have another big storm later this week. Until this past Thursday, we’d only had 3 inches of snow the entire season – I forsee serious drought problems this summer. Hopefully, those flowers which have not come up yet, will be able to withstand the storms and not completely keel over! My yard is sad right now, but I have total faith in mother nature bringing spring back soon! Good luck with your chickens! Do you have names picked out for them, like last year? Those were cute. :)

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