Working Out

I think I may have said Wolf and I joined a gym but I’m not sure I did. So, Wolf and I joined a gym about a month ago and we’ve been pretty good about working out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

When I first joined Planet Fitness I was skeptical about their “judgment free zone” but I have to say I’ve found it to be a pleasant experience. Mostly what I like about the place is fellow fat folk. They are as abundant, if not more abundant, then the skinny/meathead crowd.

Now you all know I’m not one to promote commercial enterprises on my blog but I do want to say this: if you’re looking to join a gym and worried about the lack of … rotund people … I suggest Planet Fitness if there’s one in your area. It’s nice to see others who look like me.

I’ve been running on the treadmill and doing some arm/leg weight training. I realized how weak my puny little biceps are. But I’m working on having those well chiseled arms! (and loosing 50 pounds).

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