A Case of The Blahs

Normally I don’t work on Mondays but one of the guys who works opposite me asked for a switch because he needed the day off. I gladly granted his request. However, about half-way through the shift I started to feel very tired and a little yucky. By three I had a temperature. I left at 5, came home and ate a little then crawled into bed.

Yesterday the weather was raw and wet. The spring rains are coming in as everything still continues to melt. Everyone I know is sick with either the pukes/runs or a terrible cold. The cold, raw, wet weather yesterday didn’t help. Certainly didn’t help me.

I thought I was coming down with the pukes/runs but it passed me by I think. After I got home last night I took some Tylenol for the fever and the migraine which was starting. The pills worked on the fever but not on the migraine. Well, they did a little in that the migraine never turned into a migraine just a bad headache. Had I not taken the pills I would’ve been a very unhappy camper.

Today the weather is warm and sunny. It’s not 60* out there but it is nice, probably mid 40s. I still feel blah though the fever has gone away. I’m wondering if all this is just my body getting used to the new season. I don’t usually get sick at season changes like this but everyone else is. While I may have an excellent immune system (15 years in health care will do that to you) there is only so much germ bombardment I can take before my immune system says “ok, I’m tired. Time to get ill.”

I hope I don’t get the pukes/runs or the terrible cold. Something is going on though because I just feel blah.

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3 Responses to A Case of The Blahs

  1. Chan says:

    Hope you figure out what’s making you feel blah soon. . . or even better – that the blah goes away soon! ((hugs))

  2. peppylady says:

    Take care of your self.

    Coffee is on.

  3. lizzylanefarm says:

    Hope it passes you by, I was at the ER at 2am with my granddaughter, same problem, croup and ear infection. More lovely pink antibiotics for her.

    herbal tea is brewing,


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