Bringing Life onto Howling Hill

It’s been really warm the last few days though cloudy. Today it’s not cloudy and cold! Ah, spring in New England.

Wolf took the plastic off the windows yesterday which pleases me immensely. Today we hung the laundry on the line which also pleases me.

We’re getting another dog. We haven’t decided where though we have an application in at the MSPCA and Second Chance Boxer. There’s a Boxer/Staffordshire Terrier I fell in love with at the shelter when I was there last week for the large animal rescue. She is the cutest little thing though there was a hold on her by another family. The MSPCA was waiting for the family to come in with their dog to make sure the two got along before the family brought her home. I’m thinking that’s the case and Princess won’t be coming home with me.

When we first chose to bring a dog into our lives Wolf really wanted a Siberian Husky because that’s what he had as a kid. I really wanted a Boxer because I had a good experience with a Boxer (after many years of being afraid, nee terrified of dogs, Oba the Boxer a friend had, healed my fear of dogs) whom I found to be very sweet and loving. We chose to go with a Siberian Husky who lived with us for about six years before passing away last year. Though Wolf and I agreed not to get any more pets until we moved we both really, really want another dog.

I filled out the application from Second Chance Boxer so now I’m just waiting to hear from them. We’d like a female though a male would be ok too.

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3 Responses to Bringing Life onto Howling Hill

  1. Allie says:

    Oh! So happy to hear you’re getting a dog! Dogs make life better. :)

    What is up with the cold? I’m so ready for spring, but it was only 24 degrees this morning.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    The MSPCA called us today to come down for her! Wolf’s heading down tomorrow! Yea!

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