Feeling Like Shit

I’m having one of those days where everything seems to be crashing on me.

First off, I feel like shit. My allergies are kicking into high gear. Again. This happens every spring here on Howling Hill. My nose is stuffy and runny at the same time. My mouth is dry and the roof itchy. My eyes are itchy and gritty. I didn’t sleep well because of all this last night.

The water heater broke *again.* This seems to happen every April. We have a marathon water heater but the hard water just burns out the elements way too fast. When the warranty runs out in a few years we’re going to replace it otherwise we won’t be able to afford the elements (right now they’re covered by the warranty).

My car is at work. I had Wolf pick me up last night because I had a migraine from the hot, hot weather yesterday — and because I was busy at work so I didn’t get to eat when I should’ve.

Athena wasn’t very good on her walk this morning and I think that’s because my brain is obsessing over some work stuff so my energy was off. I took her for an hour and a half walk down in Old Hill but it didn’t seem to do either of us any good. I have to feed her in a minute after I eat my own breakfast. Work is supposed to revolve around my life not my life around work.

Wolf put the fence around the garden beds yesterday so that’s something to be happy about. And he did the laundry which pleases me immensely. Plus he drained the hot water tank so we can replace the element.

I feel a depression coming on. How can I be depressed in the spring? This is my favorite time of year!

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2 Responses to Feeling Like Shit

  1. lizzylanefarm says:

    I know the feeling, when hot weather hits all at once like that I feel crappy too. I’m glad it only lasted a few days and we are back to normal. I actually enjoy the cool NOT COLD weather better than HOT.

    Sounds like you are making progress with the garden. Way to go! MY seedlings are still inside. I managed to put some radish and lettuce into buckets. No garden beds yet…

    It’s funny we have the same water heater and had the same problems because of the water. We had to install a filtering system and life is better with hot water when you want it. Our system was one from Home Depot and not all the costly.I figured it wouldn’t last with our water more than a few years but knock on wood, we are into year 4 with it still working fine. Our water is very hard too and full of rust.


  2. Maggie says:

    Feel better! It’s May Day!

    Joyous Beltaine to you and Wolf!

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