Crate Training, Garden Update, and Stuffy Noses

Life with a puppy is going well though, I’ll tell ya, puppies are exhausting. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life!

Wolf and I are following Cesar Millan’s methods and getting some good results from Athena. There is one little snag though. When we put her in the crate at night (it’s at the foot of the bed) she throws a little temper tantrum. It doesn’t last long — anywhere from 5 minutes to a half hour — so we just ignore her. Certainly it’s annoying to us but we don’t want to give her any attention when she’s acting bad. However, we’ve run into a little snag. You see, when Wolf and I are … um … enjoying each other’s body she starts with the little whines and barks which quickly turn into big whines and barks. This, of course, is a mood killer. Last night she started when we were in the middle of “body enjoying.” So how should we handle the situation?

Thing is, you have to stop your dog from whining and barking the second she starts and we couldn’t for obvious reasons. Wolf did get up and put her on her side but I think it was too late because he had to do it twice. Also, as soon as Athena heard Wolf getting out of bed she stopped because she got what she wanted: attention.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The garden has signs of life in it. There are green shoots coming out of just about every place I planted seed last week. I should be able to put the rest of the seeds in the ground on the next new moon.


The flowers are coming up around the yard also. This year we got a bunch of orange tulips and some pale yellow/off white ones. Also a bunch of daffodils came up. I see the tiger lilies coming out of the ground at a steady pace and the blackberry vines are leafing out nicely. The lilacs are also leafed out. I don’t think I’ll get any flowers this year though I’d hoped so in the past. The lilacs are still really small so…

I’m still wicked stuffy and it’s sucking big time. Last night I woke up a million times because my mouth was dry and sticky from the mouth-breathing (I’m a total nose breather). I had to blow my nose a buttload of times during the night too so that didn’t help. My eyes are also itchy as hell. Without any hot water (week three) I can’t take a shower which would help by getting the pollen out of my hair.

That is all.

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4 Responses to Crate Training, Garden Update, and Stuffy Noses

  1. peppylady says:

    I real don’t know what to tell you about Athena. Maybe you need to put her some place that you can’t hear her so you two can have your time together.
    Make sure she in a safe place.
    One of my friend son who is mental delayed or retarded. Tie up there puppy and he fell off the deck and broke his neck.
    It was accident.

    So glad to hear things are coming up in your garden. My daffodils just started to bloom.
    Got a few things plant in our garden

  2. Allie says:

    We kick the dogs out for awhile. But it’s easier with two b/c they don’t feel ostracized when they’re together.

  3. Jessica says:

    Go buy a tranquilizer gun and then when the puppy starts acting up, reach over to the nightstand and get the gun and aim. That way you aren’t really moving from your spot and the dog will definitely be quiet!

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: I’m at a loss also. Thing is, our trailer is so small there isn’t anywhere she can go without hearing us. Besides, I think the isolation would make her worse. I wonder if dogs have this same behavior when the pack is mulitplying…?

    Allie: We thought of putting her crate in the living room but like I said, I don’t think that’s the answer.

    Jessica: certainly that will work!

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