I cannot express to you how crappy I feel. My allergies are just unreal today. Generally it’s the hot, dry, pollinated air which sends my immune system into chaos so a good rain like we had last night *clears* my allergies but not this time.

I am so effing tired but I can’t sleep because I can barely breath. My body is so totally run down because I’ve been allergy ridden for about two weeks. I have no reserves any longer. All I can manage to do today is blow my nose and watch tv.

I’m so beat I can’t walk Athena who really needs to be walked twice a day to get some of that puppy energy out. But I just can’t bring myself to. I’m just too tired and run down. I managed to get her outside while I looked at the garden (coming in nicely in some places, others places not so much) but that took all I had.

Last night before I went to bed I took a pseduoephedrine. I took one the night before and it really helped but this time not so much. Well, I did manage to sleep through the night but you’d never know it from the level of fatigue I’m feeling now. You’d think I’d been up for days!

Maybe Wolf and I should move to Ireland. There’s no allergines there right…?

(You know I’m sick when I can’t bring myself to go rally for marriage equality! There’s a support rally in Concord at 1 and I can’t bring myself to go. *pout*)

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3 Responses to Craptastic

  1. Annette says:

    Feel better soon!

  2. Matriarchy says:

    I just had 2 weeks of that. I seem to be getting to the end of it – whatever tree’s pollen I am allergic to must be almost done blooming here. It IS miserable, and hard to sleep, and I keep other people awake coughing from the post-nasal drip. Daily OTC Claritin seemed to help me (the generic kind), but not completely. I might try generic Zyrtec next year. Hang in there!

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Thanks Annette!

    Matriarchy: I’m on week three I think. I noticed the cats are even sneezing!

    Claritin makes my heart race so can’t take that and nothing else seems to help. Sucky.

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