Pogosticking Around

I had the most effed up dream this morning.

I called in sick to work (that part is true. I should be at work now but I still feel like ass so I called out) but they told me I had to come in anyways to pick up a truck down in Quincy, Mass (2 hours from where I live.) I got to the house of Lisa and Lizzie, two fictional sisters who work at the same place I do, who weren’t going to work either for some reason. They said I had to get to Groton (Mass or NH, I’m not sure. Regardless both are hours away from Quincy) to get to the base. In order for me to get there I had to use a pogostick.

As I pogoed around, I couldn’t figure out how to get to Groton without using a highway. I asked Lisa/Lizzie who had no idea. I called dispatch and told them what was going on and they said to just get there.

Next thing I know I’m bouncing through intersections, presumably in Quincy then I see a sign for Sanborton, NH (2.5 hours from Quincy.) and I head that way. I then called dispatch on the Nextell (the form of communication for my company) and got one of the dispatchers who was laughing his ass off at my plight. I wanted him to see if the GPS on the Nextell worked so he could get me to the base in Concord, NH. He asked why his kids (not Lisa and Lizzie) didn’t take the shift and I said “I have no idea.” At this point I pogoing through a tae kwon do class and an awards ceremony in some hall. I had to navigate stairs and dumpsters.

Then the phone rings again and it’s KL the VP of the company I work for. I explain what’s happening and tell him I’m at Dartmouth (medical school. It’s in Lebanon, NH hours from Sanborton) and looking for a wheel chair van or ambulance from our company so I can get a ride back to the Concord base so Wolf can come get me. I’m pogoing up and down stairs, throughout the building, over snow, etc.

Apparently I’m quite adept at pogoing because I covered two states and hundreds of miles without using a highway. Not only that, I can navigate stairs and windy roads with hills. Go me!

Effed up though. Sometimes my subconscious brain shocks my conscious brain.

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2 Responses to Pogosticking Around

  1. Annette says:

    LMAO you go girl! I don’t think I could stay on a pogostick even in my dreams. A hula hoop is challenging enough in rl.

  2. Howling Hill says:

    I’m not sure I can pogo at all!

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