Moving the Fluids

After spending a miserable day here at Howling Hill I got my fat ass out of bed this morning and took Athena for a walk. I feel way better now that I got those body fluids of mine moving around.

The other day I was at the reiki share at D Acres (I *heart* that place!). When Betty Ann asked what I wanted worked on I said “I feel swampy. I feel as if everything inside me is all mucky and stagnant.” She and a couple others worked on me and I felt *worse*! I was rethinking whether I should’ve said what I did but today I realize sometimes you have to feel worse before you feel better. Certainly the reiki got my fluids moving a bit and by doing so my allergies got really bad. Today, I realize it was really a big help. I just needed to baby myself, to prepare my body, heart, and soul for the coming days. Not that anything big is happening just the usual.

It rained here for the last few days, rain we really needed. Today it’s humid and sunny with hazy clouds. I’m heading down to the neighboring “city” to do some third ride time on their ambulance. If I didn’t have the last two days off to drain the snot from my nose I wouldn’t be going today. But I am and I’ll be back to work tomorrow.

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