Star Trek

Yesterday afternoon Wolf pulled out a piece of haddock from the freezer for supper. By the time supper time came the fish was still frozen so we decided to go out to eat. Being a Sunday in central New Hampshire nothing was open of course. This is one of our biggest complaints about this area: the lack of good restaurants. Makes me want to move back home wicked bad.

Because all the local places were closed we settled for Chili’s. On the way over we passed the movie theater and I said “Star Trek is playing!” We are both huge Star Trek fans (yes, I admit it) and had been planning on seeing the movie though we both thought it wasn’t coming out until the summer as one of the summer blockbusters.

Anyways, we went to Chili’s, had barely passable food, then headed back to the theater to find the movie was to start in 15 minutes. We bought tickets immediately and sat down to watch the film.

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.

There were a lot of things I really liked about it and a few I didn’t. I’ll start with the dislikes.

First, the quick camera cutting. This is annoying. It’s as if the film directors/editors/producers/whomever think we like NOT being able to see shots. I want the shot to last more than a mili-second. I want to SEE the film, the fancy footwork.

Too many naked thin girls but that’s the norm I guess.

Spock and Uhora. Not believable.

Orion slave girl as a member of Star Fleet? Not believable either. But sexy as hell!

The plot is based on a personal vendetta. This is a tired arc I think. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was based on a personal vendetta. So was Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. And Star Trek: Generations. And Star Trek: First Contact. And Star Trek Insurrection. And Star Trek Nemesis. It’s time to move beyond the whole personal vendetta arc and onto something new. Gene Roddenberry created a whole universe of stories, lets tap into some of the new ones.

I would’ve like the Romulans to look Romulan.

McCoy said Nurse Chapel’s name but we never saw her =(

Lastly, the whole time travel thing is annoying. It’s like the personal vendetta thing: it’s tired. Move on.

Now for what I liked.

The tongue in cheek humor like how Sulo forgets to take the parking break off and McCoy’s acerbic wit.

Uhora is brilliant. This is not something Roddenberry was allowed to show. I loved how she was made a genius and given the respect due to her.

Chekov, McCoy and Sulu, were well cast. So was Christopher Pike. Simon Pegg was *awesome* as Scotty. He was the best casting in the movie I think. I hope we see more of Pegg as Scotty because he was brilliant.

McCoy. He was just awesome in the movie.

The Romulans and Vulcans had green blood. And were really strong like they’re supposed to be.

There were more aliens present, ones I never saw on any of the series. This was wonderful. BUT WHERE WERE THE ANDORIANS?

Overall, I give the movie a 5 on my 1-10 scale. It could’ve been better it could’ve been worse. We’ll own it and watch it but I wish the writers and directors would’ve gone out on a limb a little more. Oh, and lastly, they weren’t afraid to kill people off or show how smart they are. Chekov was 17 in the movie. And he was Einstein brilliant.

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4 Responses to Star Trek

  1. Fortress Guy says:

    I agree with you that the Spock and Uhura romance was out of nowhere and not really believable. All the PDA’s from a Vulcan?! Please.

    Urban was spot on as McCoy.

    I agree with you too that the revenge arc is tired.

    Here is my take on the movie (with lots o’ pics) if you are interested:

  2. Allie says:

    The camera work seriously annoyed me too. And made me ill. And I totally agree, it was okay, but not great. But, Simon Pegg was awesome! Also, I seriously want Lepnard Nimoy’s coat.

  3. Jessica says:

    I am not a Star Trek fan. I saw episodes here and there when it was on tv, but I never really enjoyed it, but I had heard good things about the movie and went and saw it. It was enjoyable, but you are very right about the camera cutting. I also thought the special effects were decent, but not as great as I thought they could be.

    I was also thrown with Spock and Uhora’s romance. The only knowledge I had about Vulcans was from the movie, so if that threw me off, I can only imagine how Trekies would feel.

    However, I did enjoy it and it made me think that maybe I should get into the whole Star Trek thing.

  4. Howling Hill says:

    Fortress Guy: Thanks for stopping by.

    Allie: I know! And Simon *rocked!*

    Jessica: Deep Space 9 is my favorite of the Star Treks. Enterprise my least favorite.

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