Updates (General)

In bullet points:

  • Sinuses feeling better. Still sniffling, sneezing, and having to blow my nose but not nearly as bad as I was even last week.
  • 24* of nausea is over. I guess I just needed sleep.
  • Had Sunday Dinner with Maggie and Glenn. Fabulous as always.
  • Got tour of Maggie Mae Farm. So envious of their pigs, chickens, turkeys, and gardens.
  • Cool out today. The cool temps keep the blackflies down to a minimum. yea!
  • Need about 10 corn kernels by the new moon. Anyone have some they want to send me?
  • Athena is walking better on the leash and off leash. She needs to learn to “drop it” when she has something in  her mouth though.
  • Cats are doing fine.
  • Garden is coming up. Waiting for the new moon so I can put the rest of the seed in the ground.
  • Do I have any Maryland readers out there? I have a few questions to ask.
  • Bad tick year this year. Grrr.
  • Wolf is finished with Firefighting I. He passed with flying colors! Yea Wolf!
  • Work is work. Nothing to write home about.
  • Still knitting. I have a lot to do on the patchwork afghan, still have to make two afghans by October — one for the fetus in Samantha’s uterus and one for the CFHC raffle — and a third for Wolf’s mother (no time frame on that one). Lastly, I picked out a hat to make for myself not to mention the one Wolf asked me to make for him.
  • Been walking Athena for two hours each morning, well on my days off that is, and started back to the gym. Hopefully this will get some of the damned weight off!
  • Chickens coming in by Memorial Day Weekend I think.
  • Going to A Sacred Place this coming Sunday for some worshiping. Can’t wait!
  • I think that’s it.
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3 Responses to Updates (General)

  1. Melissa says:

    HH ~ I can send you corn seeds – I have Spring Treat Yellow Corn from Fedco.


  2. Howling Hill says:

    Melissa: That would be awesome! Do you have my address?

  3. lizzylanefarm says:

    Hello Neighbor,

    Sounds like things are going well. Boy am I “green” you got to see the pigs! They look so cute, did you check out the new sink?

    Thumbs up to Wolf, great job….

    I haven’t seen any ticks this year??


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