A Sacred Place

I have lamented on the lack of Pagan owned land in New England. Well, I found some and not to far from home! Last year on my way to D Acres for an herbalist class, I was on Rt. 118 heading north toward Dorchester. On my way I saw a flag hanging from a tree and a sign which said “Beltaine Festival” (or something like that). I stopped because my curiosity was piqued. I talked to one of the organizers, Stormi and she gave me the brief history of the land. I was in a rush to get to the class I signed up for so we exchanged email addresses and I put my name on the mailing list for A Sacred Place. I’ve been getting intermittent communications from ASP regarding events, but up until yesterday I’ve just never been able to get there. Wolf and I made the time to go for the Beltaine ritual yesterday and it was awesome.

I’ve always wanted Pagan owned land here in New Hampshire, kinda like Four Quarters (we spent Samhain there a couple years ago and how I long to go back). I’d like to be part of the ownership but, as I’ve stated a million times, we have no money for such luxuries. So the next best thing is for me to contribute to such a place. I’ve wanted to make a commitment to a place but haven’t found one. Now I have. Now I need to meditate on whether ASP is the right place for me to contribute to.

Making a commitment is never easy for me because I take my commitments very seriously. I want to make sure I can live up to my promise. I’ve never been able to make a financial commitment to any organization because I lack money. Recently however I’ve realized it’s not that I have to make a huge financial commitment, just a commitment. I support New Hampshire Peace Action with small donations and the same for Concord Feminist Health Center. Those two organizations cover two very important aspects of my belief system: peace and reproductive rights. I’ve always wanted a *local* spiritual organization to support. I hope ASP is the one I’ve been looking for! I have some questions to ask them and if answered appropriately then I hope to put some money where my fingers are and some of my time.

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2 Responses to A Sacred Place

  1. lizzylanefarm says:

    What great news! Glad you had a good time and I hope it turns out well for you. Also great job on the garden. Ours didn’t make it this weekend, might be a good thing though the weather forecast is calling for a frost…. errrrrr….

    Have a great week.


  2. Annette says:

    Congrats on at least having an option. Keep us posted on the outcome. My thoughts are with you.

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