Roosters Are Noisy

Chickens June 2009 Yesterday when I was up at D Acres for the monthly reiki share Doreen and Eric dropped off a rooster named Zach so the chickens could start propagating. Zach hasn’t shut up since he got out of the cage. Yea, totally not keeping roosters. I need my beauty sleep.

(I’ll put a picture of Zach up when I can get him to stop being afraid of me. Or, until Wolf can catch him, whichever comes first.)

Wolf put the rest of the tomato plants and seeds in the garden over the weekend. He’ll have to edit this post to let you know what varieties he put in.

Some rain would be nice. Not a lot, just some. I watered the garden today because it’s so dry. I noticed the cucumbers, beans, and corn are coming up nicely. The squash isn’t. Hoping it’ll catch up…!

Maggie Mae Farm got some lambs. *envious*!

Athena is coming right along. We’ll forever be in training but he’s made some great progress. When I’m down in Old Hill I can leave her off leash. This makes me happy.


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3 Responses to Roosters Are Noisy

  1. Maggie says:

    Roosters aren’t that bad; you get used to them! Eventually you get to the point that you don’t hear them unless they are silent. Sounds funny, but true…

    You & Wolf will have to come visit sometime and meet Parsley, Sage, Rosemare and Thyme!

  2. lizzylanefarm says:

    I just love to listen to the roosters talk all day long. Hope he settles into his summer camp soon. It would be great fun to watch Wolf chase the rooster so you can take his picture. :)

    Your garden sould like it’s growing nicely. Glad for the rain but it can stop now…

    Have a great day

  3. Howling Hill says:

    Yes, roosters are that bad. He’s totally keeping me from sleeping and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve become a complete bitch because I’m effing *exhausted*. He needs to get his duty done so he can go home. If he were mine he’d be in a pot already.

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