The Good Life

Wolf and I — mostly I — are huge British comedy fans. One show which has been in our Netflix queue is The Good Life. The premise of the show is a middle-class couple quit their jobs and decide to turn their suburban yard into a self-sustainable plot. The let the electricity get shut off and the phone. Tom builds a generator and Barbara learns to bake bread, etc.

The show is filled with witty humor. Some of it we don’t get because we’ve never lived in England — English pop culture type stuff — but the majority of it we do. The best part of the show is it came out in 1975. It shows much of what we want to do here on Howling Hill (minus the suburbia) and how “timeless” these desires can be.

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One Response to The Good Life

  1. peppylady says:

    I believe they air this on PBS. Hubby and I like watching Alo

    Coffee is on.

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