Warning: Lots of Swears

This fucking weather is driving me fucking insane. It’s been fucking cloudy for pretty much a month. The rains have come and come and come and come and come. Thus, the garden is totally suffering.

Not only has it fucking rained almost every fucking day in June it’s not gotten very warm either. It’s fucking July and I’m not sure we’ve hit 80* yet. What the fuck????

Some of the beans have broken in half, some of the carrots and onions are flattened. The basil is rotting in the ground.

All I want is the sun, godfuckingdammit!

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6 Responses to Warning: Lots of Swears

  1. Tracey says:

    I agree. It was starting to dry out here and then we got more more rain last night. My tomato plants are toast. It’s been a really shitty year for my garden!!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Last year was bad enough with the 45 straight days of rain. At least, however, the sun came out every day! This has been 30 days of clouds, drear, and sogginess.


  3. I hope you feel better getting it out! :) Our weather has been a mess too…a lot of rain. We are finally drying out, but I think it is too late for the some of the garden to snap out of it, like the tomatoes. Wishing you lots of sun!!!!

  4. peppylady says:

    Looks like our weather complete the other side of the coin. I got my weather report.
    But it does have it problems like it dry here.

    Coffee is on.

  5. Hi M,

    I hear you all the way over here while I look at my sad garden too… I’m ready to pull up my sweatshirt sleeves and come up with a sun dance or something, let me go check my book. Ya’ it’s cold again today.

    You HAVE beans?! Wow, we only have seedlings at this point. By Monday it is supposed to be better, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    How is that puppy liking the rain, any mud baths yet? :)

  6. Allie says:

    I am with you. We had a two whole days of sun and I needed it SO badly. Now back to rain . . .

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