Bullet Points

  • Yesterday Sun came out from behind the clouds. It was awesome to have the warmth on my skin. A few showers passed through the area as if to say “we’re not done yet.” Today, however, has been sans rain. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Sky bright blue with puffy white clouds, Sun warm and bright. Oh so happy.
  • Today was reiki day up at D Acres. I wish I could spend more time attending their events but time is limited and they do just about everything on Saturdays. Lee Anne gave me some quail eggs to try. Little itty bitty eggs!
  • Chickens are laying. We have almost three dozen eggs. Wolf is making some bread and baking up some yummies. MMMmmmm.
  • I had an epiphany the other day: I am not a healer. I’ve always wanted to be, kinda thought I was because I’ve been working in healthcare my entire adult life, but I’m not a healer. I will be working on changing that by taking herbalist classes and (maybe) a massage therapist class. But that’s not until I start making some money to pay for these classes both of which are over $1000.
  • I have a new mantra: I am a daughter of the forest. I am the granddaughter of Sun God and Moon Goddess. I am the daughter of Mother Earth and Father Water. Air is my breath, my thought, my voice.
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