Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

Getting in touch with my inner John Denver.

Sun has finally pushed the clouds away though the temps are still cool for July. It’s hit 80* a couple times but not 90*. Global warming my ass!

Because Sun has been hidden away from us the garden is really stunted though the catnip is doing very well. The cucumbers, squashes, tomatoes, and potatoes are all limping along. The basil and dill are barely surviving much less growing. The garlic and onions seem to be ok. I haven’t dug any up in a while because the last time I did I thought to myself “I really should leave them in the ground for another couple months.”

We’re having our annual BBQ on Saturday which should be fun — I’ll get to show off my new tattoo which I’m getting on Friday! — On the menu: emu and venison burgers, pork kabobs, greens, pound cake, (all local) and whatever others bring. This years BBQ will be smaller than prior years but that’s because I procrastinated sending out invites thus most on the invite list already had something to do. That’ll teach me to procrastinate.

Found a great new blog The Seasonal Cook. It’s a New England farming blog for anyone interested.

Wolf is working on the back stairs and fixing up the chicken yard. Both these things need to be done very, very badly.

Weeding, of course.

Athena is settling down just a smidge. Her body keep reacting to something she ate by giving her explosive diarrhea but we don’t know what it is that doesn’t agree with her. I think she’s eating something outside she shouldn’t be like a mushroom, toad, or moss, or something. Suggestions?

The cats are being their catty self.

For some reason I’ve been writing in short paragraphs of late. Sorry for that. I don’t know why to be honest.

Ate some wild raspberries today. Yum!

Getting ready to put my Local Foods order in. This works out way better than an CSA I think.

Trading Old Bessie and the plow for half a pig.

Really need to get the pantry started again. It’s so bare we’d starve in a week.

Wolf killed a couple chickens (not our laying hens, our meat hens) on Saturday. One’s going into the soup pot in a few minutes (see above) and the other is tomorrow night’s dinner.

Going berry picking this week: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry.

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