The other day Wolf took the day off from work. He started getting the yard ready for the BBQ we’re having tomorrow. Scott’s going to help Wolf rebuild the back stairs. This is very, very good. I’ll post pictures as the rebuilding process occurs.

New coop door July 15, 2009 Wolf fixed the door to the chicken coop. This pleased me because the old one was a PITA to get in and out of while trying to keep chickens in and dogs out.

After Wolf fixed the door we went raspberry picking up at Dee’s. You have no idea how much I love raspberry! She invited us to come back in two weeks which I will to pick more.

Today at 3p I’m going down to Franklin to get a new tattoo. I’ve been planning this one for about three years now. I know it’s a wicked frivolous thing to spend money on but I have to be frivolous every now and again. I can try and justify it by saying it’s part of my faith and my faith is very important to me — so important I feel the need to tattoo it on my body — but that makes me sound like I’m making excuses.

tattoo 2006 Here is the tattoo I got in 2006. The reason for the moon and tree motif is because of the Ma1den, M0ther, Cr0ne aspect of woman. This tattoo is on my right arm (yes, that’s my bra in the picture. Super sexy beige hu?). The one I’m getting today will be on my left arm. It’s the same size and has a tree and sun motif. I’m a stickler for symmetry so because I have a tattoo on one arm I feel unbalanced. I also wanted to balance out Moon with Sun.

I realized I haven’t taken a picture of my tattoo since I got it done which means the only picture I have (this one) was taken the day I got it. You can totally tell because my skin’s irritated as shit! I’ll post a picture of the new one when I get home later that way the two pictures will match!

In case you’re wondering, I also have another tattoo on my left ankle. It’s a Celtic compass. I’ll have to post a picture of that too. That I got done a bunch of years ago. And yes, I feel unbalanced because I don’t have anything tattooed on my right ankle. Waiting for the muse to come to me as to what I should get. Suggestions?

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know why a woman shouldn’t do yoga when she’s got her period? Just curious.

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4 Responses to Stuff

  1. Annette says:

    I’ve not heard of not doing yoga while on ones period. has never stopped me. *shrugs* I’m curious to hear about what others say.

  2. Allie says:

    Apparently, you can get backflow issues that can cause increased pain and cramping. It’s just an issue with inverted poses and poses that elevate the legs above your girl parts. Anything that’s flat or standing should be okay – although I am not a doc or a yoga teacher so I don’t know for sure – this is just what I’ve heard.

    That’s awesome that you’ll have balanced arms. Love the sun and moon idea. And totally agree that sometimes we just need to do something for us.

  3. Wishing you a fun filled afternoon! I’ll be watching to see how it turns out. :)

    Have fun at your cookout this weekend. We are going to see Thomas The Train….

    Yoga? me either, never heard of it. I have been told it will help relax up and reduce any pain and all the other fun stuff associated with your period…

    Good job on the coop!


  4. Howling Hill says:

    Annette: I don’t know the reason just that one shouldn’t.

    Allie: ah, that makes sense actually.

    Yes! A little frivolousness is good. The way I see it I do this so rarely that it adds up to a $200 tattoo. =)

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