I’ve been sick all week which is one of the reasons I haven’t updated. I also had a really, really bad week at work last week which I’m still (emotionally) recovering from. I don’t like to blog when I’m all upset because I don’t want this to turn into the rage blog like my old one.

Anyways, Sun came out for a little while this week giving us July like weather: hot and humid. The nice weather was short lived because now it’s cloudy and rainy again. During the Sunny time a lot of the cucumber flowers flowered and a few of the squash have. The beans are doing well, lots of flowers and some beans in various sizes. The blackberries are trying to ripen so are the blueberries. The raspberries and strawberries have come and gone.

The garlic isn’t doing well at all so I’ll have to pull up what’s there before it rots. I haven’t checked on the carrots or onions lately, something I should do today. The potatoes still haven’t flowered. The tomatoes are coming along — well, most are; others are still small little plants.

In the three sisters bed the corn is growing slowly mostly cuz the damned clouds keep hiding Sun away. When Sun breaks through the corn shoots up so that’s good. Like I said, some of the squashes have flowered and I have beans which is good.

Reiki on Sunday. Can’t wait!

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4 Responses to Happenings

  1. Maggie says:

    Didn’t it feel amaaaaaaaaazing to have the sun earlier this week? We’ve started harvesting summer squash, zuchinni and pole beans. I even ate a ripe (if small) tomato! One bite for me, one for Glenn!

    And since I probably will be away from the computer tomorrow, happy Lammas to you and Wolf!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    It was amazing. I totally can’t wait for it to happen again!

    Happy lammas to you and Glenn. I have to work all day tomorrow so I won’t be able to enjoy the day like I want to.

  3. peppylady says:

    So sorry to hear that you haven’t felt well. Don’t worry about ragging some. I would say I’m a person who general looks at life as the cup filled over.
    But the other day I complain about having to big a boobs.

    Sound like you have quite bit of ups in garden and little downs.
    Sound like here.

    Coffee is on.

  4. thebackforty says:

    Hey girl! I’ve been a no show in blogland except for occasional hit-and-misses, and have been sick myself…I hope you get well soon! Man, if I were near you I’d bring you some homemade soup…((((((((feel better!))))))))))


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