My Apologies

To my loyal readers for not posting lately. Last week had me beyond exhausted. I could barely do anything much less post here on HH.

Today Bessie, my beloved pick-up truck, is being traded for a 1/2 pig. I’m really, really sad to see Bessie go. She’ll be parceled out for parts by the Gitch’s. Probably something we should’ve explored doing but time is slipping away from Wolf and I so very fast.* Doreen said to me farmers don’t buy anything they trade. I guess this means we’re true farmers now!

I’ve been canning chicken soup and vegetable broth all day. Wolf has dipped his hand into canning by making pickles last week. He kinda effed up but that’s ok because we all eff up the first time we can! Later in the week it’ll be more pickles and some nectarines if Sourwiec Farm has any.

Wolf and I were supposed to go to Sourweic today to pick blueberries but, alas, time got away from us. He said he’d run up there later today or tomorrow to see if we can get a 1/2 bushel.

*It’s the effing jobs we have. The whole working “off farm” thing has to go!

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One Response to My Apologies

  1. Hi M,

    Glad your back. I know the feeling of tired! me too… Way to go on the pig you will be happy later in the year for doing it:)

    Yeah! Wolf good for you I bet the pickels are good! I tried Sourweic’s earlier over the weekend and no one was around even though their open sign was out. I hung out there a good 20 minutes and looked all over the farm, just came home. This is the 2nd time that has happened to me up there this year. Guess I have bad timing.

    Hope the week is better for you!!!


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