Hello Autumn

It’s autumn here in central New Hampshire. Though the weather is the best it’s been all year, the nights are cool, the bugs are dwindling (thankfully), the fog is thick in the morning, and I’m busy as hell.

Garden-wise this year has been terrible. Part of the reason for such a bad harvest is because I planted late and didn’t start any seeds in February this year. I stopped doing that a couple years back because the cats kept eating the sprouts. The trailer is too damned small to have any sort of quiet place sans cats for seeds to sprout so I just stopped doing that. Between the late start, dry spring, cool temps, and constant ran in June and July, the garden just did terrible. I didn’t even get that many beans.

Another reason for the terrible gardening these last couple years is because of the trees. Howling Hill is a very wooded plot. Pine and maple trees tower over the trailer. There is very little open space thus very little sun which gets in. While the lack of sun has always been the bane of my (summer) existence, the fact is the trees are taller now than ever before, thus they block out even more sun. This is great in that it doesn’t get too hot in the trailer but in the winter it’s freaking cold because — you guessed it — the sun doesn’t come in. Having the trees taken down is something I’ve thought of but to do all the ones which need to be done will be about $1000 and that’s a lot of money to spend, especially since we don’t have and and especially especially since we want to move. $1000 is $1000 closer to a down payment. I just can’t justify spending that much money.

I’m seriously wondering if I will even plant next year. Wolf didn’t help out in the garden like he promised with planting, weeding, and picking and I can’t do it all. Besides, next summer I’ll be flat out with the class I’m taking. There’s no way I can do it if he doesn’t help and he’s not helping so I can’t do it. And I don’t want to nag him to get him motivated so I think there will be no garden next year.

I found this article on my Twitter feed a few days back. I think I’ll send the seeds I have to this organization. I’ll keep a few for myself but otherwise I think I’ll give the rest away.

We got four more chickens so now we have 10. Two have stopped laying because I think they’re being bullied. Does that sound right?

As I said I’m taking a class (don’t ask) so I’ll be flat out. With the work schedule I have (Tues, Thurs, Sat 7a-10p) I don’t have much time. Class is on Monday from 8a-5p so that leaves Wed, Fri, and Sun for me to do homework and all the other stuff (dog walking, house cleaning, sleeping).

After years of trying to figure out what I want most I finally did this year: a wife. Wolf and I need someone to do the cooking, cleaning, gardening, dog walking, etc so we can get some rest, have some friends, and do a little hanging out.

I’m tired. So effing tired I could sleep for a month. Just another 14 months of this before…something. Hopefully my schedule will let up some when I’m done with class but I don’t see that happening.

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2 Responses to Hello Autumn

  1. Maggie says:

    Glenn has always said that we need a housewife too….

  2. peppylady says:

    I don’t what it was but a lot of people had trouble with there beans.
    We got some and trade some for my biofeedback treatment.
    But my plants looked unheathy.
    It been a strange summer here.

    Who knows what next year will bring.

    Coffee is on.

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