What Have I To Say For Myself?

I’ve been very remiss in blogging. So much so I think I’ve lost all my regular readers. As much as that sucks, I’m glad to say my life is busier than Times Square on New Years Eve. Well, maybe not too glad…

School and work have taken over my life. I do not have two days in a row off which really sucks. I’ve been very, very tired totally sapped of energy and strength. I haven’t had time to clean my house or do laundry, or be in the garden. Time has gotten so scarce for me Wolf and I have been contemplating finding Athena a new home.

We pulled up the garden a few weeks back and let the chickens in to do their thing. The garden did not do well this year at all. The tomatoes were blighted and the rain in the first half of the summer was just unrelenting. Even the beans I planted didn’t do well. However, the carrots and potatoes did good considering.

I’m not shutting this blog down but I’ll be absent from it for long periods. Between school and work, well…you know how it goes. It actually wouldn’t be too bad if I had internet at work but I don’t.

I’m leaving you with this in hopes you’ll use it to create abundance in your life. I’ve been watching it and meditating on creating an abundance of energy, money, time, attention, and good grades.

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4 Responses to What Have I To Say For Myself?

  1. peppylady says:

    Wishes you all the best in our adventures in life and hope it true happiness.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Matriarchy says:

    Your regular readers are patient. Send a note when you are able. I am busy creating abundance, too!

  3. Hi M,

    Glad to hear things are going well, even if you are busy. I was worried about you and was going to be pushy and stop in the other day while at Brenda’s but decided against it…

    Enjoy the weather when you can and take care of yourself! I’ll keep checking back in with you. STop in if you are in the area, we can make tea! :)


  4. Howling Hill says:

    Peppy: thanks so much. It certainly is getting adventurous right now!

    Matriarchy: abundance is good.

    Lizzy: I feel awful. Here you and I were just starting to form a friendship and I fell off the face of the earth. Be pushy! I love pushy!

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