Good Autumn

The usual panic I feel around this time of the year has not come. Sometimes I feel the Black Dog lurking (hat tip to Winston). Anyone Facebook friends with me or Twitter will see my status occasionally says “The Black Dog is on the horizon.” or something like that. Mostly, though, I’m feeling good.

Over the last year I’ve been participating in a reiki share at D Acres. From that a small group formed a Heart Circle of which I’m one of the participants. We’ve been working hard are manifesting that which we want: abundance, respect, good health, love, etc. The women I Circle with have really taught me that I am my worst enemy (which I knew but didn’t know) and, by dwelling on the negative, I create my own unhappiness.

I’ve been able to trade reiki for food with one of the participants who is apprenticing to become a reiki master. She and I get together and she practices her reiki skills on me and I practice manifesting good things in my life, not just bad stuff like debt, bad attitudes, terrible workmates, etc.

Last week I took reiki I and plan to take reiki II and III so I too can become a reiki master. I’ve also decided I will be taking the herbalist class but not until 2011 (not until I’m done with this class). I’m considering taking the massage therapist class but I’m not sold on it. All the love and healing I’ve received over the last year has made me realize I want to — no, NEED to — balance out the chaos which always attracts me like a moth to a flame (that is, emergency medicine and western medicine) with trueness of healing though divinity and nature.

That said, I have to go study how to put IVs in.

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3 Responses to Good Autumn

  1. Noelle says:

    I feel like I need to learn what reiki is. I keep hearing about it, yet spell check does not recognize it yet…

  2. Allie says:

    I have a friend who’s becoming a reiki master – it’s been a really amazing journey for her.

    Also – I totally hear you on knowing things but not KNOWING them.

  3. Way to go and good for you. Sounds like a great group of people to be working with.

    Happy to hear all is well and good to hear from you.

    OX Karyn

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