Light in the Sky

Sun elongates 1.5 minutes a day. Let me tell you how happy that makes me! We passed the midpoint of Winter and are steadily moving toward Spring. *big happy smile*

Wolf and I put our seed order for High Mowing together. It’s over $100. I think we’ll have to go through what we want and try to pick and choose a little better because it appears our eyes are bigger than our garden beds.

We’re steadily paying off bills so we can save for a real farm. I had to cut my hours from full time to part time (43 hrs/wk –> 20 hrs/wk) because school was suffering. This means it’ll be a smidge longer for us to pay down our bills but in the end it was worth it. When I’m finished with this program I’ll be starting at almost double what I make hourly now.

It’s raining here making everything very slippery. I hear we’re to get snow tomorrow then the bitter winter winds will come in and make New Hampshire more like the tundra. But Sun is getting higher, brighter, and warmer in the sky. Spring will come soon!

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2 Responses to Light in the Sky

  1. Maggie says:

    I totally empathize about the seed buying…. my catalogs are covered in highlighter and sticky notes and I haven’t even gotten my “major” catalog yet! Everything always looks so good and I want to grow it all! :)

  2. Howling Hill says:

    It’s awful, isn’t? All I want to do is buy and plant.

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