It’s frigid in these parts.

Yesterday we got a couple inches of snow and today the temps dropped to … I don’t know … COLD! The wind is whipping around the powdery snow and howling like there’s no tomorrow.

I took Athena for a walk down in Old Hill. It wasn’t a long walk, only a mile or so, but, man, was it cold. I communed with Air while we were walking thinking it was creating such fierceness to remind me of the changes coming down the pike. The poor pooch was totally not happy with the cold. She’s not like Jaxsun who was built for the cold weather. She’s more of a summer dog. She’s now snuggled up in the blankets on the couch while the cats are on the bed.

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One Response to Brrrrrr

  1. akthomason says:

    Hey i know my dog loves the cold but it’s so hard to get out sometimes when my nice warm computer is ready and waiting for Blog time.

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