Holy Shit

I’ve been blogging for 4 years here on Howling Hill! It hasn’t felt like that long to be honest. I do miss blogging everyday (or almost) about things that really matter to me — greenness, farming, food, chickens — but while in school I just can’t focus on anything but homework (and it’s about to get busier when my clinicals start in the next few weeks) and trying to get some sleep. Just taking Athena out for a walk or sitting on the toilet makes me feel guilty that I’m not staring at my text trying to fill my head.*

It bums me out I’ve had to put this blog on the back burner because I really miss my readers. I don’t want my dedicated readers to think I’m dissing them, that’s not true at all. I’m so honored you continue to read my pathetic posts (it’s cold. It’s snowing. It’s cold and snowing). I also really miss reading all the blogs I used to read. I continue to look at a bunch though I know I don’t comment like I used to.

Oh blogging world, I miss you so! I can’t wait till my life is my own again and I can read what I want not what I’m assigned.

*I’m waiting for my eyes to start bleeding.

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2 Responses to Holy Shit

  1. Allie says:

    Happy 4th year! You have a permanent spot on my blog reader, lady! :)

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