Today is Imbolc, the first day of spring on the Celtic calendar. I wish it was the first day of spring here in New Hampshire. It’s still pretty damned cold out there though Sun is getting higher and brighter each day.

I took Athena down to Old Hill for a walk which turned out to be very short for two reasons. First, as we were walking I heard what sounded like a deer in distress (they make this barking-esque chortle noise). I looked over to the Pemi (which is pretty frozen right now) and saw what I thought to be a doe on the ice. I didn’t have binoculars so I couldn’t be sure so Athena and I went back to the car. The second reason our walk was short was it’s so damned icy down in Old Hill walking was pretty trecherous. I fell once and slipped another time and I can’t count how many times Athena’s back legs went out from under her. Of course, her middle name is Grace(less) so I’m not surprised by her slip sliding away down there.

After we got back to the house I called <a href=”>Fish and Game.</a> A few hours later they called me back and confirmed it was a deer on the ice. Seems the coyotes took her down. I’m glad she’s being eaten by coyotes instead of being poached which is what I thought may have happened. I was thinking some idiot shot her and she fell on the ice and the “hunter” left her there because s/he didn’t want to retrieve her. The guy from Fish and Game said he thought about going out on the ice to drag her onto the bank but decided against it because the <a hreff=””>Pemi</a&gt; is a relatively fast moving river even when it’s fairly frozen over.

I don’t know when all the snow and ice is going to melt, I hope soon. We did have some nice thawing occur in January and I really, really, REALLY wanted it to continue. Alas, this is New Hampshire and it stays winter here for six months sometimes. It’s this time of year I seriously consider moving out of New England to somewhere warmer, like say, Ireland, the Bahamas, or Connecticut.

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One Response to Imbolc

  1. Allie says:

    We had the same thawing and refreezing! It was such a tease! I cannot wait for spring!

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