Establishing Howling Hill

Wolf and I have been busy planning and plotting. We’ve been talking about establishing ourselves as farmers and what it is we need to do.

I’ve taken some small steps over the last year. I went and I got us address labels then I started selling our eggs. Seemingly small steps however they were big to me because to be identified to the outside world Howling Hill exists is really, really scary for me. Friends and family know I’ve been calling our home Howling Hill since we moved here six years ago but letting the general public — and our neighbors — know was a big step for me as I tend to want to hide myself away.

Today we sat down and made some decisions. First, we will continue to call our farm, where ever that may be, Howling Hill. I’ve talked about us moving many, many times here on this blog (those are only two of the posts on moving I could find. Forgive me for not putting in too much effort) and it was a big discussion what we will call our new place. Do we give the new land a different name or keep it as “Howling Hill”? Wolf was of the opinion that we should change the name because it’s a new place. While I would normally be in agreement, I’ve been blogging here for four years and I don’t want to lose everything I done here nor do I want to have business card for a farm with a website different than the name of the farm. There may be some issues trying to register “Howling Hill” with the state because there is a business with that name so we may have to be something like “Howling Hill Farmstead” or something akin (not Howling Hill Farm though).

So because we made the decision to continue to call ourselves “Howling Hill” we went and joined NOFA NH. This is something we’ve been meaning to do for quite some time but didn’t have any extra cash. We’re also looking into coming up with $615 for the Local Harvest CSA. It’s a lot, A LOT!, of money but it appears to offer what we want food wise.

Lastly, we joined Small and Beginner Farmers New Hampshire (SBFNH). This is another small step in establishing ourselves a little more.

Wolf and I are still not sure what we’ll be farming. This is something we put a lot of discussion into. We kinda feel like we’re debating which comes first: the chicken or the egg. We feel like this because I don’t think we can make any decisions regarding what we can farm (animals, food) until we have the land and, while he agrees, he doesn’t feel like we can make any decisions about land — or look for any — until we know what we want to farm. It’s a discussion we want to have with Glenn and Maggie of Maggie Mae Farm and Doreen and Eric of Gitch’s Funny Farm and it’s also a discussion I’m thinking of putting forth to the SBFNH listserv.

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4 Responses to Establishing Howling Hill

  1. It sounds like you’re at both an exciting and scary place — so often the two go together. Somehow, one step at a time, we clarify what we’re all about. There are times when I make decisions, like you describe, not knowing exactly what my “plan” is. I think that’s because so much of life is about trusting our intuition. I look forward to your next update!

  2. Howling Hill says:

    Wolf and I are very good at listening to our intuition as individuals and as a couple. That said, we both do like to have a plan though following the plan to the letter isn’t a requirement. We adapt well to changes in the plan we just want one in place as a template per se.

  3. Maggie says:

    Glad you joined Beginner Farmers – it’s a good organization and should be a great resource for you! It is also worthwhile at some point to join the Farm Bureau.

    And ya know, half the fun is the plotting and planning. Even when more than 1/2 of it has to get scrapped or revised along the way, it is still great fun!

  4. Allie says:

    It’s interesting “outing” yourself, isn’t it? I was kind of secretive about who I was as Allie’s Answers until I did a local news piece. It’s a funny feeling.

    I confessed to one of my neighbors about my book awhile back too – it’s a funny feeling to put what you want out there. But I think it’s a step in the process of coming into your own and getting to where you are. I read an article once about how people who consider themselves to be athletes, even if they are just neighborhood joggers, have a greater chance of maintaining their health and keeping up with their routines. So considering yourself as a farmer is a big part of getting there, I think.

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